Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My Kind of Hero Schedule...

September 2014
He's suave, he's courageous, he's...
My Kind of Hero

Your favorite authors visit to discuss their favorite types of heroes or a hero specific to their novel.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Kind of Hero: The Imperfect Hero by J. Hughey #99cents #NewAdult

I've read I don’t want to even admit how many heroes and created seven so far in my writing career and My Kind of Hero has to be flawed. My leading man has to have problems and imperfections. (Even my most stereotypical alpha hero, from historical romance Unbidden, has flaws.) I want strength but I don't like domineering men. He must be capable of respect for a woman, and forming a relationship beyond physical attraction.

I'm currently infatuated with Boone Ramer. (My Kind of Hero is usually whomever I’m writing at the moment.) Boone is the male lead from my new release, Eruption. He's the second son in a family of Nebraska cattle ranchers, and he’s a level headed, all-American nice guy. The kind of guy a woman stares at and, even as she does it, isn't sure why. I physically modeled him on a youthful Bailey Chase, the man who plays Branch on the TV series "Longmire." Boone's easy on the eyes, with a nice body from playing football, but not underwear model handsome. He's the boy you wish your daughter would bring home instead of the unemployed goth biker dude, and confuses my main character, Violet. She thinks she likes bad boys but develops a giant freshman crush on Boone. (She and her BFF/roomie refer to him as Hotness!)

If he wants to reciprocate, he hides it, because he's an RA in her dorm. A relationship with her is against school policy and, as you've probably guessed, Boone is a rule-follower.

Office romance in EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH by Tracey Rogers #Giveaway

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Some rules are made to be broken…

Rule number 1: No touching
Rule number 2: No kissing
Rule number 3: Never, ever, fall in love

Holly Wilder finds some of those rules pretty difficult to follow during her boss's visits to present the Employee of the Month award. A relationship between them is prohibited, and even if it wasn't, Holly has no intention of ever falling in love again. But that doesn't stop her from craving Max's touch.

Hotel owner Max Lazzari never expected to break his own rules, especially when they are so important to him. But sexy employee Holly is too hard to resist. Their no-strings, secret arrangement fits in perfectly with his no-commitment plan. A plan to ensure that no woman will ever again have the opportunity to hurt him.

Sizzling nights together mean Holly and Max start looking forward to the monthly visits more and more. Until they are both brought down to earth with a bump—a pregnancy one!

Will rule breaking lead to broken hearts?

Content Warning: contains sensual sex and some strong language

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quote: Shop smart. Shop S-Mart.

"Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This... is my boomstick! The twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington. S-Mart's top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine, ninety five. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger. That's right. Shop smart. Shop S-Mart. You got that?"

~Ash, Army of Darkness

Book Blast: Sybrina by Amy Rachiele #romance #giveaway

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

Fleeing for her life, Sybrina leaves behind everything to escape the dark and ominous creature that killed her family.

It wants to finish what it started.

Sybrina stows away aboard a clipper ship and poses as her recently murdered brother, Paul.

The year is 1866, an age in which science is a man’s game.

Can Sybrina solve the mystery of the creature that exsanguinates it victims?

Buy Links:   Amazon     Smashwords

Tessa's Temptation by Ella Jade #Giveaway @ellajade1

Genre: Romance

What happens when the siren becomes the tempted?

College student Tess Burke is on the verge of eviction. Her life changed when her dad was in a bad car accident. He’s been in the hospital for months and making little progress. Desperation is setting in. They’re about to lose everything.

Successful architect Chase Carlisle has made a name for himself among the rich and famous. His work keeps him busy, leaving little time for a social life. When an old family friend contacts him and asks him to care for his vibrant, sassy daughter, Chase feels obligated to take her in; Patrick Burke had helped him when he was a troubled teenager, heading down a path of destruction. If not for Pat, he would have never become the man he is today.

The wild child turns Chase’s world upside down, tempting him in ways he can’t resist. The sexy younger woman shows him what he’s been missing the past few years. Their attraction is obvious from the beginning despite Chase’s apprehension to getting involved with Pat’s daughter. Tess wears him down but gets caught in her own trap when she becomes the object of his deepest, darkest desires.

Contains adult content and graphic sex

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Kind of Hero: What you're really thinking... by Melissa Snark #humor #amwriting

Thank you so much to everyone who's participated in My Kind of Hero. The posts so far have been amazing--thoughtful, moving, and evocative. Reading them, I'm laughing, sighing, and tearing up. My guests have talked about the qualities they admire most in a hero and Sydney Jane Baily shared a truly moving recollection of her father with us.

I must admit, I feel a bit guilty but I cannot tell a lie. When checking out a hunky hero, my mind goes straight to the gutter.  While my fellow (far more noble) romance authors are evaluating his intelligence, courage, and compassion, I'm really checking out his ass.
 No, not that ass! The other one!

The first thing I ask is that age old question...

Does he wear boxers or briefs?

Cover Reveal: Hunger Moon available in paperback

Yes, I'm babbling about my gorgeous new cover again. Hunger Moon's 2nd ed. released to paperback this week so I'm all fired up to share the new cover designed by Farah Evers Designs.

I received the proof earlier this week and the photo doesn't begin to do the real thing justice. And the tree!  My god, the tree!  Squee!  I chose a matte finish and the texture is velvety.

Available at:  
All Romance ebooks  
Amazon Kindle
Barnes & Noble
Createspace (paperback)
Read for free on Scribd  

Okay, folks, thanks for putting up with this commercial break! Be sure to check back on Monday, Sept. 15th for my My Kind of Hero post. :-)

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Hunger Moon

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Kind of Hero: No thank-you, Mr. Perfect! by Julia Joseph #YA #Paranormal #Angels #Demons


I hate Edward Cullen.

Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word.  Allow me to rephrase—Edward Cullen is NOT the guy for me.  He’s too…I don’t know…perfect?  Vanilla?  Mr.-I-always-say-and-do-the-right-thing?  Maybe I’m difficult to please or something, but I look for so much more than that in a man—whether he’s in my life or in my books. 

So, now that we’ve established that I don’t want to write, read about, or cohabitate with the “perfect guy,” what kind of guy do I want?  What makes a man heroic in my eyes and, thereby, worth my time?  And why do I like Jasper so much more than Edward or Jacob?  Those are tough questions.  I’ve learned (by lots of trial and error, bless my heart) that I don’t want an easygoing, life-is-a-breeze kind of dude.  (Although, through thirteen years of marriage, I’ve regretted that about myself more than once.  Sigh.)  Anyway, let’s see if I can put into words what I feel about what makes a man a hero in real life and on the page—

1.  He must challenge me: 

Someone worthy of my time should not only accept me for who I am but also challenge me to be better.  (Notice I’m not saying he should want me to change or be a different person…just encourage the best parts of me while calling me out where and when I may suck—not that I ever do…)

2.  He also needs to listen to me:

This doesn’t mean he has to agree with everything I say or give me everything I want.  No, he just has to try to understand what I’m communicating to him without judgment.  (Again, notice that I’m not saying he has to agree with all the words dripping from my lips—just appreciate their importance to me.)

3.  This man should be passionate:
Whether he’s on a battlefield, in a classroom, or atop the corporate ladder, a man worth loving has got to be fierce about something besides me—while still being totally crazy about me.  (There’s room for all of that, right?)

4.  He’s got to have flaws, too, dang it:

 If my guy were perfect, he wouldn’t need me.  What would I bring to the relationship if I couldn’t challenge him?  I’d feel useless, weak, and superfluous.  And, honestly, a girl needs to be the hero at least once in a while (okay, maybe most of the while).

5.  Dark and twisty (metaphorically speaking) is the only way to go:

The undamaged soul is beautiful and rare.  It’s also not what I’m looking for.  I’m not interested in a guy who doesn’t know what it is to suffer or fight to survive.  Those (mostly healed) scrapes and bruises are what make him worthwhile and let me know that, come what may, he’ll stand by my side armed with the experience necessary to fight all that comes at us.  Battle scarred men have won wars and lived to deal with the aftermath.  They won’t melt into a puddle of blubbering goo when life hands us a crappy deal, leaving me to do all the fighting alone.

So, now that I’m done pretending all my heroines are me and bored everyone to tears with my list of demands concerning what both fictional and non-fictional males should be, what is it you HATE to see in a hero?  (Oh, and please don’t tell me it’s all of the stuff on my list because…well…then you’d have no reason to buy my books, seeing as every one of my precious men is damaged, tough, and so-easy-yet-so-hard to love. And that would make me sad.  Very, very sad.) 


Publisher:  Black Opal Books       

Date Published:  January 18, 2014

Genre:  YA Paranormal

Word Count:  60,000

Born into a family of Guardians—extraordinarily gifted humans who battle demons to protect mortal souls—seventeen year old Rose Kazin is relieved that she shows no signs of being blessed with her family’s supernatural talents.  When she and her father figure, an age old celestial Warrior, are horribly wounded in a demonic ambush, Rose awakens to find a younger Warrior, Ouriel, has volunteered to stand in as her protector.  She rails against his presence, but Ouriel seems interested in only one thing—teaching Rose how to protect herself from the demons she was never supposed to fight.

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I didn’t notice the demons until one had his arm clamped around my throat. Choking, I looked around and saw we were surrounded.
Without thinking, I reached for the knife at my back. Instinct and training took over, and I slammed the blade into the abdomen of the demon holding me. He dropped to the ground. I turned to stab him a few more times, to keep him out of the fight a bit longer, and ran for Miriam and Ouriel. My sister was rapidly firing off arrow after arrow, sinking as many as left her quiver into demon flesh.
But more kept popping in all around us.
I can’t say how many demons I cut and sliced with my knife and nails to get to my sister and my Warrior, but I got through enough to guard their backs. Finally, the three of us stood together, facing down the enemy. Ouriel slipped me his knife, and both of my hands became deadly. Behind me and out of breath, he shouted, “Miriam, get Rose out of here! Run for Ishmael’s house. I will cover you!”
 “No way!” I yelled back. “I’m not leaving you!”
Ouriel decapitated two more of the demons rushing him. “You must.”
 “No!” I screamed and took down one of my own, kicking and jabbing her into a bloody pulp.
 “We can’t hold them all off,” Miriam panted. “And I have to save you at all costs.”
Ouriel spun and, in one fluid move, gored a demon and pushed me through the opening toward Ishmael’s house. 

Author Bio:
Julia Joseph taught Theatre for nine years in Texas middle and high schools, where she wrote and produced three original plays for her students.  In 2011, Joseph left teaching to devote all of her energy to her own children and to writing a novel.  She earned her B. A. in English Literature and Language with a focus in Drama from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. 

Joseph spends most of her free time reading, writing, and chauffeuring her kids between activities.  She lives happily with her husband and two children wherever the Army happens to station them.

Website/blog:  www.juliajoseph.net
Twitter:  @juliajoseph7

Friday, September 12, 2014

My Kind of Hero: Everyone loves a hero by Dena Garson #Romance #amreading

Heros. There are songs dedicated to them. Quite a few songs actually. Everyone loves a hero.

But I strongly suspect how we define a hero varies from person to person.

Sometimes a hero is the boy who tells his friends to stop picking on his next door neighbor just because he has a lisp. Or maybe it’s the young man who asks the girl who’s clinging to the shadows if she’d like to dance even though her dress isn’t this year’s fashion. Then again it might be the man who helps repair the roof on his elderly aunt’s roof so it doesn’t leak anymore.

In fiction, particularly a romance, a hero is often created with a much stronger story line. They are men who rescue people or animals from raging fires, doctors who save lives every day or scientists who discover cures to horrific diseases that might affect thousands. Or they’re the characters who were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the heroine or a city of people by disabling a ticking bomb or stepping in front of a bullet.